July 28, 2020

Dear Resident Families

COVID-19 has not gone away! We know that family and friends are an important part to the overall health, well-being and quality of life of residents within Salem Home. Balancing the risk and maintaining relationships that residents have with family members and support systems has been at the heart of every stage of our response.

We will be supporting INDOOR visits at Salem Home with the following considerations, based on Shared Health and the Public Health Officer:

  • Designated family caregivers (someone whom the resident or substitute decision maker identifies and designates as an essential partner in care) may be identified to visit at any time during visitation hours or as determined with the care team. Up to two (2) people may be identified by the resident and/or primary contact.
    Family come into the building starting Wednesday, July 29, 2020
    Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm and Sundays from 2-5pm.
  • There is no limit to time and frequency. Visitors can stay past the screening time. The guidelines for these visits are as follow:
    – Ring doorbell on arrival and wait; visitors will be screened each time.
    – Please sign in and out
    – Wash hands upon entry
    – Education package will be provided on first visit day that you must read
    – Non-medical masks have to be worn the whole time while in the building (staff will not provide care to   your loved one if you don’t have your mask on)
    – You cannot visit with other residents, or use any other areas, such as dining room, heritage room, lounge etc. You may use the patio if no other residents or families are there.
    – You can take your loved one for a walk outside on the side walk
    – You can bring food in for your loved one and you can assist them with it, but you cannot eat it while in the room. (Food for the resident will go through the UV chamber first).

General visitors will continue to visit as before. Visits are by appointment, in a location determined by the facility and with no visitation with other residents. Visiting hours are Monday – Friday from 2-5pm, Tuesdays also from 6-8pm and Sundays from 2-5pm. Appointments are made through the online booking site.

While we have heard already many concerns from both family and staff about allowing indoor visitation, protecting the health and well-being of your loved ones and staff remains one of our top priorities. Regular assessment by public health officials of the impact and evaluation of the need for adjusted visitor restrictions will continue as developments evolve. In collaboration with Public Health, LTC Operators will determine the need to suspend all visits in the case of a confirmed/potential COVID-19 outbreak in the facility or local area or upon the direction of the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer. Once again, thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we take every measure to protect you, your loved ones and our staff.

Karin Oliveira,
Director of Resident Care Services


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