Resources for Families

Resident and Family Council

Responsibilities of the Resident and Family Council

  1. To obtain family/resident input on issues that hold a collective concern for residents. 
  2. To inform families/residents of service, program, or environmental changes occurring. 
  3. To provide an opportunity for residents/family to participate in decisions affecting their well-being and the environment in which they live. This may include review of policies, job descriptions, etc. 
  4. To annually review and advise on Resident Bill of Rights. 
  5. To identify educational needs for families/residents on relevant issues such as finance, dementia, and topics related to care, etc.

Upcoming Meeting dates 2023:

Nov 15 – Maple North
Nov 20 – Evergreen
Nov 21 – Maple S
Nov 24 – Cottonwood

Meeting dates are tentative and subject to change.  The dates, times and locations are confirmed a week before.

Policies & Standards

Salem Home strives to be an innovative leader in the delivery of Long Term Care.

Residents Rights & Services

Outline of the rights of our residents that we uphold each day.


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