Salem Ladies Auxiliary

The Salem Ladies Auxiliary seeks to enhance the lives of Salem Home residents through the activities and fundraising events they undertake … providing funding for the betterment of the resident’s lives!

The Salem Ladies Auxiliary count it a privilege to be involved in making the lives of the residents of Salem Home better, as well as to encourage and bless the staff.  The Ladies Auxiliary is made up of 13 volunteers from member churches.

Their fundraising efforts have provided activities and equipment which are beneficial to the wellbeing of the residents, giving them purpose and dignity.

The Ladies Auxiliary also makes Welcome Baskets for each new resident that comes to live at Salem Home.  For many residents it can be overwhelming to move from their familiar surroundings into Salem Home, and in an effort to help the resident feel welcomed, the ladies deliver a welcome basket to them.  Most of the ladies take the opportunity to chat with the resident when they deliver the baskets, and this helps the Auxiliary ladies also understand the needs of the residents better.

The Salem Ladies Auxiliary is truly thankful for the support it receives from the community.  If you would like more information on how you can become involved in the Ladies Auxiliary, or if you would like to make a donation towards their projects, please contact Salem Foundation at

Phone: (204) 325-4316 ext. 238

Policies & Standards

Salem Home strives to be an innovative leader in the delivery of Long Term Care.

Residents Rights & Services

Outline of the rights of our residents that we uphold each day.


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