When you live at Salem Home, you’re a part of something more.

You are part of a community that focuses on creating relationships, encourages everyone to have a sense of meaning and purpose and celebrates the ordinary and extraordinary moments every day.

Salem Home is the largest personal care home in Southern Manitoba 

Salem Home is the largest personal care home in Southern Manitoba with 145 residents and employs over 300 individuals.

Our bold vision statement that “Salem Home will be recognized as an innovative leader in the delivery of Long-Term Care” encourages us to provide the best possible care for the residents entrusted to us. 

Our commitment to providing Christ Centred care embracing the values of Compassion, Dignity, Excellence and Faith has led us to focus on a Relationship Centered Model of Care.

Relationship-Centered Model of Care

The Relationship Centered Model of Care is elegantly simple, focusing on staff/resident relationships. Instead of sticking to a rigid schedule, the goal is to provide meaningful relationships and a sense of purpose in a friendly, comfortable environment.

We try to not change a resident’s behaviour (which is probably part of a life-long habit) to fit our schedule. What we do instead is establish a relationship with the resident, we get to know who they are as a person (past and present), and offer choices based on this knowledge to help them feel engaged, empowered, and encouraged to flourish in their daily life.

When you live at Salem Home, life is about so much more than the room you live in…

It’s about creating relationships…

Our team provides Relationship-Centred Care based on the Core Values of the organization.

It’s about embracing the memorable moments in life…

Our team focusing on what the resident needs in that moment rather than tasks.

It’s about seeking knowledge…

Our team is always searching for a better way to provide care.

It’s about building community…

Our team represents and celebrates the diverse and thriving community we serve.

What is the next step for admission?

For more information, please contact our Social Worker.

Policies & Standards

Salem Home strives to be an innovative leader in the delivery of Long Term Care.

Residents Rights & Services

Outline of the rights of our residents that we uphold each day.


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