I have chosen Salem Home to be my home.  Even though my mind or body may not be well, I enjoy the same rights as other residents.

If/When I am not able to speak or make my own choices; my health care representative, family or staff will ensure that my rights are honored.  If my choices affect me poorly, I have the right for you to try to convince me to change my mind in a gentle manner.

My rights are to be respected.

  1. I wish to be treated with courtesy and respect and in a way that fully shows my worth and unique person. This is in keeping with Salem Home’s Mission and Values.
  2. I am a person made in the image and likeness of God, with my own unique needs and want to be sheltered, fed, clothed, groomed, and cared for in a manner that meets my needs.
    • If you force me against my will, what kind of harm will you do to me?
    • Will I be afraid or get depressed?
    • Will I get angry or violent?
    • Is there a chance that your treatment will upset me enough that you will give me medicine or put a restraint on my body?
  3. I want to keep and display special items and pictures in my own room. I will keep in mind safety guidelines and others’ rights.  My room and the Home should be clean, meeting safety standards.
    • Will my belongings make my room feel like my home?
    • Will the extra items make it hard for the staff to care for me?
  4. I have the right to appoint a person to receive the facts about my well being, and to make a judgment about my health care, if I am not able to speak for myself. THIS PERSON WILL BE MY HEALTH CARE REPRESENTATIVE.  I, or my representative:
    • have the right to be told about my health status, treatment and outcomes,
    • have the right to give or refuse consent to treatment, and to be told of the effects of giving, or not giving, consent.
    • Have the right to have my health records kept private (as per law).
      • What would I say if I were well?
      • Which of my loved ones can best tell my wishes to you and your wishes to me?
      • Will the benefit of my treatment be more than the burden of going against my will? Even if the answer is yes, please review all the questions before making your choice.
      • If I am in instant/severe danger, you have the right to act on my safety and discuss the issue with the health care team and my family later.
  5. I have the right for staff to care for me in a way that gives me choices, increases my sense of wellness, and gives me a chance to find meaning and purpose in my day to day life.
    • How does the way you care for me add to my life, or, will the care take away from my life?
    • Is there any other way of assisting with my care that may be more pleasing to me?
    • If you consider restraining me, ask:
      • Is my behavior really a health and safety issue for me, or simply annoying and tiresome to the staff?
      • Is my behavior badly affecting the rights of other residents to have a peaceful life?
  6. I have the right to privacy. This includes
    • time alone,
    • to receive family and visitors without meddling.
    • my care to be done in private.
    • to spend time with my spouse in a room that ensures time
    • To share a room with my spouse, if my spouse lives here and it is my wish – if a room exists and my/my spouse’s health is not at risk.
      • Does my care need to be done in a private area, or is it more helpful to me to have it done where I am?
  7. I have the right to have my loved ones with me all the time when my death is near.
    • Will having my loved ones with me during this time give me a peaceful death?
  8. I have the right to continue to be a citizen of my community, to raise concerns or ask for changes without fear of harm. I will follow the steps of communication outlined in the Resident Policy & Information Handbook, and posted in the unit where I live.
    • If you force your choice on me, will I feel less of a person or shamed?
    • Will I feel like I am treated like a child instead of like the adult I am?

  9. I have the right to manage my own finances if able to do so. If I, or my legal representative, has a contract with Salem Home to open a Trust Account on my behalf, we have the right to:
    • Get regular statements of any money that was paid on my behalf.
    • Be assured that my finances are managed solely on my behalf.
  10. I have the right to attend social, cultural, and religious activities that make me who I am. I wish to be made aware of programs and activities at Salem Home.  When possible, I want to enjoy the outdoors.
    • By keeping me aware of the programs offered, I can make a choice about what I wish to attend, or want to be involved in.
    • Which interests add meaning and purpose to my life?
    • Will I be able to keep these interests and keep myself and others safe?