Bathing Room Upgrades Completed in All Care Areas

WINKLER, MB – “When we began the Bathing Room Upgrades our number one priority was to improve the safety of residents and staff,” said Arlen Hildebrand, Salem Foundation Chair, “but shortly after completing the renovations, comments were received from families of “what have you done to my husband? He never liked his bath before and lately he enjoys it so much.”  That sums up the purpose of Salem Foundation … to enhance the care of the residents and to improve their daily lived experience.  And thanks to the support of our caring Community, once again, another improvement comes to fruition.”

With the bathing rooms being used for 150+ baths per week, 7,800+ baths per year or approximately 75 hours per week it is essential that the bathing space offer safety for residents and staff, and the environment be warm and welcoming for residents and efficient for staff.

Upgrades to five (5) Bathing Rooms includes:

  • New anti-slip flooring in Maple North and Evergreen bathing rooms to improve safety for residents and staff.
  • Bathing rooms being more “home like” … more inviting with the installation of cabinetry where Residents’ personal bathing items are kept. (This has removed the cold storage room feeling.)
  • Adding items such as colourful towels, plants, pictures, etc. that “warm the room” and cue residents that it is bath time.
  • Creation of a calmer bathing area with soothing, soft music.

Katharina Bruhn, Cottonwood Resident Care Manager, shared a couple of resident’s experiences … “once the bathing room was completed one of the residents seemed to be so much more calm when in the bathing area – the decision was made to trial removing his medication (given pre-bath to reduce anxiety) and even without the medication he was still able to have a good experience in the tub and remained calm and relaxed throughout the entire bathing experience.”

Katharina went on to share another bathing experience … “another resident was terrified to go into the bathing room when she saw the Equipment Washer that is located in there – she was suspicious and afraid! She would not have a bath in that room.  But now that a curtain (from the floor to over the top of the washer) has been put around the Equipment Washer giving the room more of a homey, warm feeling, she is happy and cooperative to go into the room.  It is no problem for her to bath calmly in that room now!”

“Salem Foundation is constantly striving to improve the Residents’ actual lived experience and assist staff in providing better care,” said Arlen Hildebrand. “We are continually humbled and encouraged by the caring members of the community who support Salem Residents.  Thanks to their generosity the bathing room upgrades are complete and Residents are enjoying an improved, calm bathing experience!”

Nursing, Resident Care Attendants Notice Positive Impact of Upgrades

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