On March 1st and 2nd at 7:00pm step into the World of Plautdietsch and join us as we kick off this exciting fundraising project for a new duet e-bike to so every Salem Home resident has the opportunity to experience a bike ride.”

The Ladies Auxiliary have been busy recruiting encouraging and organizing members of our talented local community to volunteer as actors to bring heartwarming performances to life in: “Ons faelt ne Kjaekjsche” (We need a Maid) and “Grootelren Komen to Kjast” (Grandparents come for a Wedding).

Please join us to be entertained and immerse yourself in Plautdietsch

Event Details:

Can’t make it to the event but still want to support this amazing project?

  • You can share this project with your friends or family either on Instagram or Facebook
  • You can donate online at salemhome.ca
  • You can donate by mail
    Salem Home
    Attention Salem Foundation
    165 15th Street
    Winkler, MB
    R6W 1T8
  • You can donate over the phone by calling 204-325-4316 and ask for Susan Hildebrand

Why should you want to support this event?

Our current Duet bicycles are well used, and loved, but they have a number of restrictions and requirements as to which residents can enjoy a bike ride.  In order for a resident to be able to safely go on a bike ride they:

  • Must be able to transfer into themselves into the bike chair with minimal assistance
    • Some cannot due to the size and depth and height of the bike chair
    • Some cannot due to the type of wheelchair they require
    • Some cannot due to physical frailty
  • Need RCAs to transfer resident into the bike chair with a medi-lift
    • This pulls RCAs away from being accessible to other residents that need them for things like going to the bathroom, going to bed, or getting out of bed.
  • Must be a certain size to fit in the duet bike chair.
    • There are many residents that do not fit for so many different reasons, so they do not get to go on bike rides, no matter how much they want to or we try to accommodate.
  • The duet bikes are traditional bikes and do not have e-assist and at times, it is physically demanding the driver to bike around with a resident.

With the The Van Raam Velo Plus e-bike, the residents can use their own wheelchair, eliminating the need for lifting and enabling more individuals to join in on rides.

  • The platform on the front is made to hold a resident in their own wheelchair.
  • The reinforced frame has a weight limit of 450lbs on the platform, which means all of our residents and their wheelchairs will be able to ride on the platform.
    • This includes standard wheelchairs, extra wide wheelchairs, tilt-recline chairs, and power chairs.
  • The winch feature hooks onto the back of the wheelchair and pulls the resident in their wheelchair onto the platform, so all the biker (staff, volunteer or family) needs to do to ensure the chair is going onto the platform straight. They are not physical pushing or pulling a wheelchair onto the platform, which could cause injury.
  • Because residents can remain in their own chair when they are on the platform, extra help from RCA staff to transfer chairs isn’t necessary.
    • This makes it easier to use the bike for outings in the community where residents might want to go on/off the platform.
  • The dealership is located in Winnipeg, and will provide support for any issue that may arise
  • The e-bike assist makes driving the bike easier, as less strenuous pedaling is required.
    • Easier on the staff member, volunteer or family driving, less likely for injury
    • This allows for longer rides to explore surrounding communities using the paved pathways

Each Van Raam Velo Plus bike costs $21,450.  This includes all the essential safety features we would need. This investment will not only enhance accessibility but also promote inclusivity and enriches the outdoor experiences of our residents.

With your support, we can make outdoor adventures more accessible and enjoyable for all residents.


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