Walking into Salem Home you will notice changes happening in the front office.  The Accounts Receivable/Receptionists have been busy packing and moving things out of the office, in preparation for the beginning of renovations, starting April 24th.

The Accounts Receivable/Receptionists will temporarily move into Marge Friesen-Berft’s office during the renovations, Aerê Mayer (Resident Care Services Secretary) will move into the Salem Foundation office, and Marge Friesen-Berft (Director of Support Services) will move to the office by the kitchen.

On Friday, April 21st, the hoarding will happen, which means, the Main office will no longer be accessible. This will decrease the space in the front entrance.  Please take note of this when you come into the building, especially around meals times when we the Suzy Q meal carts are heading to the dining rooms.

If you are looking for something, please ask.  This will be an inconvenience for approximately 4-6 weeks, but it will look awesome after! Thank you for being flexible and adapting to the ongoing renovations in Salem Home.

The main reason of the renovation is to lower the counter.  This will provide a wheelchair accessible counter for the residents.  If you look at the current desk, it is too high for residents to use in their wheelchairs, which makes it difficult for them to sign documents independently.  This renovation will create an accessible and comfortable area for residents to use.

The Salem Foundation graciously approved this renovation project to improve the residents lives and give them back some independence.  To learn more about how the Salem Foundation is making a difference in the residents lives, please click here



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