Falk Fehr Foundation Donates Three-Season Gazebo to Salem Home.

Salem Home residents and their families will soon be able to enjoy spending time together outside of the facility in a new three-season gazebo thanks to the generosity of Justin Falk and Eric Fehr, of the Falk Fehr Foundation, who teamed up with a number of local businesses.

The gazebo will be built within close proximity to the proposed construction of new beds so it is easily accessible to those residents as well.  The gazebo will be incorporated into the design of the area. It will be designed in such a way as to accommodate the future growth of Salem Home, and allow multiple families to use at once without feeling crowded.

The design of the gazebo has just been finalized and we anticipate there will be a covered area outside the gazebo, allowing for residents to sit outside as well.  It will be screened-in, with lighting, ceiling fans, and wheelchair accessible with automatic doors for ease of use for residents.  Justin Falk and Eric Fehr shared the gift to Salem Home residents this way:

We are very excited to be building an outdoor gazebo at Salem Home for the residents and their families. We know how precious and valued our time with parents and grandparents is to us and we feel those at Salem would appreciate a space like this to enjoy their family time as well!

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of the many businesses in the community that are helping this idea become a reality!

Creating an outdoor space that is comfortable, and safe for the residents and their families is an incredible and thoughtful gift, especially during these times when visiting outdoors is the safest option for the residents.  Sherry Janzen, CEO, Salem Home shares that “when residents and their families can visit in a quiet and restful place, especially in today’s environment of needing to be careful for the residents safety, it is a true gift for everyone.  There are areas where visits can take place, but many of them have street noise and are busy, which, perhaps is not the most advantageous visiting environment. Having this space will be perfect.”

Salem Home is thankful to everyone involved in this project and for the opportunity it provides in bringing families together!  If you wish to support the project, please contact either hockeychampionsgolf@falkfehrfoundation.com or the Salem Foundation Executive Coordinator, Charmaine Harder at charder@salemhome.ca.

To read more about the Falk Fehr Foundation click here to go to their website

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