It’s Finally Moving Week

We have waited over a year to tell you some good news, and today is the day!  The construction project that was started has finally seen the end for our Phase 1 of Renovations!  The ERV (air exchange unit) has been completed and the air has been balanced so we can now begin the process of moving residents back into this area.  We appreciate your patience as this took much longer than anticipated.

The hallway and rooms are completely transformed and look amazing!  We hope they will especially benefit those who need the assistance of a ceiling lift as they can reach anywhere in the room.  They also have features that are beneficial for those with Dementia.

The first set of moves will begin this week and involve those who are currently in the south hallway on Cottonwood, as Phase 2 will begin with renovating those rooms.  Please keep in mind that not everyone will move into these new rooms, some may move to a different room.  We will be evaluating everyone’s care needs and who would be best suited for these rooms based on individual needs.

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