The Salem Foundation continues to purchase new furniture for each resident room. It is time, there is a huge need for this new furniture. The current furniture dates back to 1986 and 1995 and the pieces are really starting to show their age. They are beat up, scuffed up and falling apart.

damaged furniture
Damaged Furniture
Damaged Furniture

Unfortunately, the cleaning solutions that we have to use for infection control wears off the finish on wood furniture and opens up the wood grain, which can harbor germs.

The goal is to purchase a dresser, night stand and a chair in each resident room. The estimated cost of this project is $5,500.00 per room.

The design of the new furniture is specific for personal care homes. It is able to stand up against the cleaning solutions we have to use because of infections control. Each piece of the furniture is replaceable. In other words, if a corner of the drawer breaks off, we can replace that piece, making the whole piece of furniture look new again. This furniture also has a smaller foot print, which allows the resident to have more space in their room. Above all, this new furniture makes the residents’ rooms look more spacious, homey and clean.

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