I’m not sure if you have noticed, but Salem Home embraces renovations.  We do not shy away from change, especially if it helps enhance the care we provide for the residents.  Over the next few months you may see many renovations happening at Salem Home.

Renovation work on what we call “Phase 2” is moving along smoothly.  This renovation includes 10 rooms on Cottonwood and 10 rooms on Maple North.  These rooms are located in the connecting hallway between Cottonwood and Maple North.  As of right now, there are no walls, only studs and wires.

The plan is to eventually transform the rooms and hallway into something very similar to the Cottonwood room renovations.  To see what that might look like, click here 

The former room #235 on Maple North has been transformed into a hallway that leads to what we call the “link”.  The link will provide access to the gazebo that the Falk Fehr Foundation donated to Salem Home and any new expansion or buildings that may eventually happen.

The room across from the “link” will change into a connection area to the courtyard.  When the weather is nice, residents can go out into the courtyard through a sliding door, which will give them easier access to the courtyard and enhance their independence.  During the cold months, this area will be a lounge, with comfy chairs and tables for the residents to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the courtyard.

At this point, we expect these renovations to be completed by the end of the year.  If you want to learn how you can help support this exciting Phase 2 renovation click here

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